Funding Your Business

Attracting an investor's interest is often challenging when starting or running a business. Accelerate DFW will host a workshop Sept. 16 focusing on the many options for businesses looking to obtain funding.

The workshop, Funding Your Business, will be held at the Guinn Entrepreneurial Campus in Fort Worth.

The program can help business owners gauge and improve their potential in accessing investments, Accelerate DFW director Walker Lutringer said.

“It's really important for entrepreneurs to understand what funding looks like for their business, but also where funding comes into play," he said. "In the last two years, a lot of the players that have been in Fort Worth supporting entrepreneurship have really come together to bring visibility to [access to funding]." 

Industry experts with real-life experience will facilitate the workshop:

• Tyler Godoff, vice president of Fine Line, a Bass family investment fund, will share his knowledge of venture capital.

• Andrew Kussmaul, an attorney for local startups, will advise and educate attendees on the terms and conditions that investors might use.

• Jordan Ecklund, the market leader for Fort Worth's Branch Banking and Trust, will talk about the issues banks consider when deciding on loans.

Topics to be discussed:

• When you do and do not need investment and what investors look for in each stage of business.

• What investors look for when analyzing and reviewing a capitalization table.

• What banks need to understand about your business before they issue your loan.

• What VC investors like to see in your business model, team and addressable market.

Date And Time

Monday, Sept. 16

4:00 PM – 7:00 PM CDT


1150 South Freeway

Building 600

Fort Worth, TX 76104

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