Longtime Fort Worth Assistant City Manager Susan Alanis has been named chief operating officer with Tarrant County College District effective July 1.

“Susan has made many significant contributions to the City of Fort Worth and the residents that we serve,” City Manager David Cooke said in a news release announcing the change.

“When there was a difficult or high-profile project, Susan took the helm and worked tirelessly to come up with a solution that would allow us to continue our high level of customer service, while at the same time being fiscally responsible stewards for our taxpayers,” Cooke said.

“Tarrant County College is fortunate to have her, and we look forward to working with her in a different capacity in our community,” Cooke said.

Alanis has served Fort Worth since 1996 and played a key leadership role in many high-profile projects, including Dickies Arena, Sundance Square Plaza, Fort Worth Zoo, the gas drilling ordinance, transportation funding, collective bargaining and pension and healthcare reform.

Most recently, she has been engaged in transforming the Fort Worth Botanic Garden and a partnership with Trinity Metro to improve public transit.

Behind the scenes, she has overseen the technology transformation of the organization with the implementation of a new citywide financial system and the Customer Relationship Management system that will launch this summer, the city said in the news release.

“I am deeply grateful to the mayor and City Council as well as my colleagues for the opportunities I have had and am looking forward to serving the community I love in a different way,” Alanis said in the announcement.

“Tarrant County College District is a key partner in the goals of the city’s Economic Development Strategic Plan, so this will be an exciting opportunity to participate in that shared mission,” she said.

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