Owner David Clarke today celebrates the Grand Opening event for his third location of Buon Giorno Coffee.

“We are confident that the combination of encouraging community through the medium of coffee and a place to gather, will encourage the same togetherness that has occurred over the last 10 years at our Grapevine and then Fort Worth locations,” he says

The original location in Grapevine came on the scene in 2006. Another location was opened in downtown Fort Worth in 2010. The Southlake coffee house in located near Carroll Senior High School at 1901 West Southlake Blvd.

All have the same European sensibility. Clarke (who hails from the UK) wanted to introduce the area to a traditional Italian “slow culture” coffee house, and the independent micro-batch espresso roastery has collected a devoted fan-base over the past decade.

At Buon Giorno you can expect a haven from anything gimmicky or corporate. They don’t serve blonde roast, or a laundry list of concoctions with fancy names. Instead Buon Giorno offers 14 single-origin coffees, but decided to specialize in Italian espresso. Besides the Casa Nostra Blend, which is the house blend, you will find four unique espresso roasts: Inverno, Autunno, Estate and Primavera (which make up the four seasons espresso collection).

“We have never wanted to create a company too large to maintain our unique culture and approach, but we have been asked so many times to put something in the Southlake Keller area that we felt it was time to extend our borders,” Clarke said in post to his webpage when the doors opened in late April.

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Best local coffee shop. Consistently good, reasonably quiet, bike friendly and a great place to meet clients. The internet connection in Fort Worth needs a little help though.

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