Caregiver Inc., Fort Worth-based provider of care services and supports to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, announced Feb. 12 it has closed on its acquisition of Mosaic operations in Texas, expanding the company’s presence in the state and strengthening its portfolio of providers.

“This acquisition means that Caregiver will serve an additional 500+ individuals in Texas with personalized services, compassion and respect,” said Mark Lashley, Caregiver President and Chief Executive Officer. “More than 1 million individuals with disabilities rely on direct support professionals like those employed by Caregiver Inc., and the demand is growing rapidly.”

Since Caregiver’s inception in 2015, the private company has experienced rapid growth to meet individuals with disabilities’ needs for high-quality care. Caregiver’s origins date back to 1978. The purchase of Mosaic assets in Texas, which was announced Dec. 10, marks the 14th acquisition by Caregiver.

With revenues reaching nearly $200 million in 2019, the company said it expects to become a billion-dollar entity within seven years amid challenges in the industry.

Caregiver operates under the brands Daybreak, Southern Concepts, St. Giles Living Centers, and Unified Care Group in Texas. Dependent on the market, Mosaic services in Texas will now operate under one of these brands.

“Caregiver’s large presence in Texas, along with our expertise and investments in technology, mean we are able to expand services to more individuals and their families,” Lashley said.

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