During Tuesday's work session the Fort Worth City Council received its monthly informal report of development within the city and the measures staff are using to improve the development process.

April highlights include:

Building Permits - 500 new single-family permits were issued, compared to 468 new single-family permits issued in March, up 7 percent; 479 new single-family permits were issued in April 2018, up 4 percent.

*65 new commercial permits were issued, compared to: 90 new commercial permits issued in March, down 25 percent; 101 new commercial permits issued in April 2018, down 36 percent.

*Total commercial valuation (including remodels and additions) for was $98

million, compared to: $230 million in March, down 57 percent; $266 million in April 2018, down 63 percent.

*Commercial permit volume and valuation experienced a decrease, compared to March 2019 and April 2018. Most of the large commercial projects permitted in April 2019 were

remodels, renovations, and finish outs for existing office space compared to new multifamily and institutional project.

On April 16, the council requested data on the time it takes to obtain a building

permit. The Planning and Development department has increased staffing to address the

volume and delay of permits in 2018, but noted that the volume of permits continues to


During the first six months of the 2019 fiscal year, the staff reviewed approximately 1,150 permits a month compared to 913 permits a month during the first half of the 2018 fiscal year, up 25 percent.

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