Rocky Roney

Rocky Roney


Rocky Roney is no longer driving cattle, but his memory rides on in the minds of many.

The late Roney was famous for being a member of the Fort Worth Herd from 2004-12, driving cattle through the Stockyards. He passed away Nov. 2 from a heart attack.

Roney was honored by the Fort Worth City Council Tuesday night with a proclamation naming his birthday, June 19, as Rocky Roney Day in the city.

The presentation was made by Mayor Betsy Price to his brother, Richard Roney, fellow Herd member Kristin Jaworski, and Friends of the Fort Worth Herd President Pam Minick. Eight family members were present, along with nine members of the Herd.

Jaworski also recognized Interim Public Events Director Richard Zavala for his support and involvement in the program since its inception. Zavala was formerly director of the parks and recreation department.

The proclamation recognized and praised Roney as one of the first Fort Worth Herd drovers and for serving as an ambassador of goodwill for the city alongside his trusty steed, Little Texas. He was also known for bringing a smile to the faces of many, especially

through his time as a drover, representing Fort Worth’s western heritage and culture of


"I just want to say thank you," Richard Roney said. "This was Rocky's passion. He loved this job."

The proclamation also noted that his legacy will be carried on through his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchild, as well as the countless community members who enjoyed his enthusiasm and his reminder to “Smile, Little Texas.”

At that moment, Mayor Betsy Price smiled and said, "Don't you love that?"

He was praised for being a man of devotion and character, and for loving his community, family, and friends, making it apparent in all that he did. Fort Worth was made a better place by his contributions, the proclamation read.

June 19 was chosen for its significance as his birthday, but also for being the holiday that commemorates the abolition of slavery in Texas, city officials note.

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