COPPELL, Texas – Service Nation, which operates the largest residential contracting business alliance in the world, has partnered with the Professional Development Institute of the University of North Texas (UNT) to create an accredited degree program in service business management.

The program will provide students and professionals the opportunity to attain certifications as well as the longer-term goal of a bachelor’s degree in residential contracting management, Service Nation said in a news release.

“Service Nation is always looking for ways to provide value for our members, and this program may be the best return on investment we have ever created,” said Matt Michel, president of Service Nation.

“One of the major challenges our contractor members face is the ability to recruit and retain top talent in their companies,” Michel said. “The Service Nation School of Business in service business management allows them to recruit high school students want to eventually earn a college degree, but who also want to work and avoid amassing significant college debt. The program also helps retain talent by offering a career path to potential applicants as well as loyal employees.”

The news release said the classes are taught in real-time, but online, which allows residential contracting employees to continue earning a living while focusing on their course work one weekend a month per course.

Initially, the course topics will focus on leadership and marketing, and as the curriculum grows, the program will incorporate additional course topics such as sales, human resources, and finance. Each discipline leads to a certification. In addition, all course credits are fully transferable to college credit at UNT or other accredited universities.

The program is initially open only to Service Nation Alliance members, but as the program continues to develop, certifications and the degree option will also be open to residential contractors in the Service Roundtable, which has 4,500 member companies.

“The program can be used as a reward for residential contracting employees who are already standouts at their workplace,” said David Heimer, Senior Vice President for Service Nation. “It offers them a way to grow within the company and allows business owners to place more responsibility, and in the end, more trust in their employee.”

The courses are powered by the G. Brint Ryan College of Business at the University of North Texas, which is one of 131 Tier One Research Universities as recognized by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

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