You’ve probably read that nine area Dairy Queen restaurants are no longer doing so Dilly. According to several reports, franchisee Lickety Split Food Services of Southlake closed their locations. Don’t worry, there are still about 40 of the iconic Dairy Queen restaurants in the area, so you can still get your blizzard on. The restaurant business is tough, notes Bourke Harvey, founder and managing partner of Curly’s Frozen Custard on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth.

“It’s always sad to see a legacy brand start closing stores, but there is more and more competition every day, and tastes are changing,” he said. “You’ve got to offer something that is unique and sets you apart.”

Curly’s, for instance, has frozen custard, still a fairly unusual item.

“Our sales continue to grow and we see strong demand for our flavor of the month, which was Pumpkin Pie in November. For December, we have two holiday flavors - Peppermint and Eggnog. Both have drawn rave reviews from our patrons!”

Meanwhile, one Dairy Queen fan fears he may have been responsible for the closings.

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By John Fletcher

Perhaps I overreacted to news that I heard last week.

On Dec. 5, I attended a medical event where a respected Alzheimer's expert announced that people with diabetes are 75% more likely than non-diabetics to develop Alzheimer's or dementia.

Reflecting upon my food intake for the day, I panicked, since I am a type-2 diabetic.

As the speaker continued her presentation, I started jotting down my menu from that day:

• Breakfast:

o Vanilla Dr Pepper

o Chocolate iced donut with coconut topping (but just ONE!)

• Mid-morning snack: Hostess Snowball (but just one because they come in a 12-pack at the grocery store)

• Lunch from Curly’s Frozen Custard:

o Chili Cheese Dog – with those luscious, coarse buns and zesty chili!

o Peppermint Frozen Custard – that ribbon of thick goodness is heaven-sent, and peppermint is ideal for the Christmas season

o Dr Pepper (Regular, no vanilla)

• Dessert: Petit four from Blue Bonnet Bakery (close to Curly’s)

• Mid-afternoon snack:

o Another Snowball (OK, so I returned to the 12-pack!)

o Vanilla Dr Pepper

• Dinner: Pizza – but thin crust, because I’m watching my diet!

From that moment, I immediately stopped drinking my Vanilla Dr Pepper, which I have relied on from area Dairy Queen locations. They are the most reliable resource for my VDP (Vanilla Dr Pepper), as I like to call it.

Now, five days into my new VDP-free regimen, I discovered that NINE area Dairy Queen locations have announced their closings.

It's my fault! Certainly, the corporate owner of Dairy Queen, Warren Buffett, is angry with me.

I faced a complicated dilemma and, as a result, acted selfishly. I was concerned with my own personal health when I should have considered the larger picture - the health of an iconic brand known for cones, Blizzards and Hungr-Busters.

If Dairy Queen promises to re-open these locations, I promise that I will:

1. Return to buying the Vanilla Dr Pepper. However, since I remain on my new healthy dining regimen, I will not drink the VDP, but will consider it a sacrifice for the public good and either give it away or pour it out.

2. Eat healthier food. I will order the banana split - without, of course, the split. So, I'll just eat the banana without the ice cream, hot fudge or whipped cream. But I WILL eat the cherry on top.

3. Show my support for the Hungr-Buster by ordering this tasty burger, but please hold the bun and meat. Just the veggies will be fine. I’m on a diet!

I consider these three steps to be doing my own part to help return Texas to normal. After all, we need DQ!

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Jaclyn Tupin

Closing of the Dairy Queen branch in our area is very bad thing because there are only few restaurants like this who believe in delivering fantastic meals. Read brooklyn resume studio reviews to have more fun with our services. I do not know why they closed their branch in my area.

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