Ella Johnson is looking forward to the next chapter in her life.

For years, Johnson served hundreds of guests at The Fort Worth Club. On Thursday, May 30, Johnson greeted many of them as she had a glass of champagne for herself.

She retired from her work after 50 years at The Fort Worth Club.

Former guests, friends and family gathered at The Fort Worth Club's 12th floor to celebrate her legacy and give her a proper sendoff.

"It's a happy feeling, but on the inside, it's a little sad feeling," Johnson said. "Because this is the end of an era. I have been here for a long time."

A lot has changed since she started working back in 1966, just two years after the end of racial segregation. Johnson said the social changes were important.

Along with the city's growth, Johnson saw actual physical changes that occurred in The Fort Worth Club building. In 1975, additional floors were added to the building.it. Various customs and rules of the club have also altered in the years.

But, she has been with the club through all the changes.

"The club is like family in a way," Johnson said. "We have a lot of nice and compassionate coworkers, I have a lot of those. Then I have the members who are very nice."

But, of course, not everyone was nice.

"I had all kinds of rude ones, but it's ok," she said. "I took the rude ones, I just kept on working with them and finally it falls into places."

The years of service calls for a much-needed break for her. So, she said, she is going to take it one day at a time, going forward.

"I am ready to go out and do me," she said. "But, the first day I'm out, I think I'm going to rest. I think it's going to be a sigh of relief. I'm tired."

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I met Ms Johnson in the mid 2000's. She was a warm and constant welcome for members and their guests. Best wishes for her in this new phase.

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