Chef Maritza Sepulveda opened her waffle-centric Pinky’s inside Ridgmar Mall, to surprised fans a few months back, and promptly closed it in April with plans for a change of venue. She announced the closure of her first Ridgmar Mall location in a facebook post, “Due to scheduling differences, we are temporarily closing and moving to a new location. Stay tuned − it's going to be grand! Thank you for your support.”

I sampled the Blue Waffle not long after she opened. It is topped with fresh blueberries, blueberry syrup and a very tart lemon curd. Pinky’s other flavors include a Greek Waffle topped Greek yogurt, and a Red Velvet Waffle with classic cream cheese frosting and a scoop of ice cream. Sepulveda also serves a lovely lavender lemonade as well as handmade ice cream sandwiches and frappes.

The new Pinky’s Waffles will be located in the Hulen Mall food court and permitting is already underway. “We plan to focus more on milkshakes and smoothies when we re-open, and we will also be adding two savory waffles to our menu – a Chicken and Waffles, and a Braised Beef Short Rib Waffle,” she said. Pinky’s has plans for expansion as well, with at least two additional locations expected to open later this year – one in La Gran Plaza and another in Mesquite.

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