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The Professional Bull Riders will open a country bar next year within the Texas Live! entertainment complex in Arlington . The Arlington-based bar will be similar to the PBR’s bar in St. Louis, which features a mechanical bull.

ARLINGTON—The Professional Bull Riders, the world’s top circuit for rodeo’s most dangerous and most popular event, will open a country bar in 2018 within the Texas Live! entertainment complex development.

Since 2008, the PBR has established country bars around the country in various cities such as Baltimore, St. Louis and Philadelphia (http://www.pbr.com/en/bar.aspx). However, the Arlington-based business will become the PBR’s flagship country bar.

The PBR (http://www.pbr.com/) will establish the bar in partnership with the Texas Rangers and The Cordish Cos., which is the developer of Texas Live!, a massive entertainment district and new Texas Rangers ballpark in Arlington.

Officials from the PBR, the Texas Rangers and Cordish Cos., announced the opening of the PBR country bar at a news conference this morning (Feb. 17) at AT&T Stadium. The announcement was held in conjunction with a major PBR tour stop called the Iron Cowboy VIII, which is scheduled for Saturday (5:50 p.m.) at AT&T Stadium.

Officials said the bar will exceed 1,500-capacity and will feature a 7,000 square foot balcony overlooking Arlington Backyard, a 5,000 capacity event pavilion that regularly will feature a wide array of music talent. The bar will be on the second floor above the Lockhart Smokehouse, a barbeque restaurant.

“It will be a 17,000 square foot bar with two mechanical bulls that will offer all sorts of fun and excitement with PBR branding throughout,” said Sean Gleason, the PBR’s chief executive officer. “It will be our ninth bar actually when it comes on line. Our bars have been a huge success both for Cordish and for us in terms of us representing our brands well. They give PBR fans a place to go hang out and have a good time.”

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