ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — Los Angeles Angels star outfielder Mike Trout said he was shocked to hear the details of Tyler Skaggs' death, but that it doesn't change his opinions about his late teammate.

A Texas medical examiner said in a report released Friday that Skaggs died of an accidental overdose from a toxic mix of the powerful painkillers fentanyl and oxycodone along with alcohol on July 1. The 27-year-old Skaggs was found dead in his hotel room in the Dallas area before the start of a series against the Texas Rangers. The first game was postponed and later made up last month.

"It's pretty crazy. Obviously, it doesn't change my view on Tyler," Trout said before Saturday's game against the Boston Red Sox. "He made a big impact on my life and this team."

Trout added that he was also surprised to hear that a team employee might have been involved. The Southlake, Texas, police, as well as an attorney hired by the family, are investigating. Major League Baseball said on Friday that it would open an investigation as well.

"When stuff comes out, you want to know if it's true. ... Obviously, if I knew I would definitely have said something or did something," Trout said. "Just a tough situation when this came out. Tough to put your mind to it."

This is the second straight year that Trout has dealt with a death during the season. Aaron Cox — Trout's 24-year old brother-in-law — died last Aug. 15 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound according to New Jersey State Police.

"When you have a relative or a teammate pass away, it's tough. Mentally it's a grind to get over it," Trout said. "Every time you talk about anything Tyler has done, or did, it definitely reopens that wound."

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