The nonprofit technology incubator TechFW has accepted six startups with individual ideas into its ThinkLab program.

ThinkLab is a12-to-16 weeks, structured program that evaluates the marketability of the business ideas.

The program provides skills training on engaging potential stakeholders, professional legal and accounting services and access to TechFW facilities.

The summer 2019 cohort includes companies working with licenses or proprietary technology as well as researchers and scientists interested in commercializing their discoveries or research hypothesis.

“These founders are investing into the foundations of their technology venture and validating the market need and we are thrilled to work with founders at this stage," TechFW Executive Director Hayden Blackburn said. "The energy and passion they bring, not only to the solutions but the problems they are addressing, are powerful.”

Here are the six companies:

RE, INC: Developed a scrolling, modular LED sign that can be controlled by voice and text through smartphone or tablet.

Researchers at UNTHSC: Developed a novel eye modeling system for modulating translaminar pressure in the study of human donor eyes.

Galaxy Unmanned Systems LLC: Creates lighter-than-air technologies ranging from tethered aerostats to free-flying autonomous airships.

AESMS: Developing a device that will monitor bowel and urine discharge for bed-ridden patients, eliminating discomfort for patients and healthcare worker

LSE R&D Engineering, LLC: Assists inventors and designers with a new valve configuration and design for internal combustion engines, which improves efficiency and performance.

Nano Liquid Solutions: Created to provide blood testing services via a stand-alone device that only needs a small amount of blood to measure basic metabolic panel and lipid panels, which are standard in annual physical exams and pre-surgery tests.

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The sixth company not shown on the list specializes in invisibility cloaks for use in the physical and digital world. Clearly their product works. #winner

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