Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

(StatePoint) Shopping for some music lovers this holiday season? Here are some great gift ideas to help your favorite musicians play and compose music.

Music Composition Tools

Assist both aspiring and accomplished songwriters in their efforts with music composition tools. You can choose to go analog or digital, depending on the style of your gift recipient. For traditionalists, consider a beautiful leather-bound music composition book. For a modern music maker, consider composition software that assists in the creation and sharing of music notation.


For both beginner or seasoned musicians, consider the gift of a portable keyboard to help hone their skills at home or on-the-go. Wherever your gift recipients are on their musical journey, and no matter what budget you have to work with, you shouldn’t have to compromise on sound quality. For instance, for a modest sum, you can gift the CT-X700 from Casio, which features the AiX Sound Source, 600 life-like instrument tones, hundreds of built-in rhythms and effects for a full band sound, and a lesson system that displays proper fingering and notation. A six-track recorder allows musicians to capture their inspiration, a great feature for songwriters.

Rehearsal Time

Know someone in a band? A soundproofed rehearsal space can be a dream come true for musicians (and their neighbors). Gift your recipient a rehearsal space rental. Whether you pay for one session or several months’ worth of rehearsal time, this is a thoughtful way to support a musician’s efforts.

By gifting the instruments, tools and space needed to learn, write and practice music, you can show a musician you care this holiday season.


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